Medical Breathing Machine with compressor

The medical ventilator of AMIS is designed with clinicians in mind, with the goal of simplifying the doctor’s workflow and providing complex ventilation with easy-to-use features. Using microprocessor control, pneumatic drive electronic control two modes, 10.4-inch TFT display to help users more clearly. Easy and quick reading of ventilation parameters. The humidifier is equipped with a temperature regulation system that is suitable for both adults and pediatrics.


Min. Order: 1 Set Port: Shanghai, China
Transport Package:
Payment Terms: T/T, Western
Union, Money Gram
Type: Ventilator Kind: Surgical
Certification: CE,
Group: All
LCD Display: With
LCD Display
Source: Oxygen
Model NO.:
Anesthesia: Semi
Open Suction
Type of Operating
Light: Not
Medical Device Regulatory
Type: Gxzz1234567890
Medical Device Regulatory
Type: Type 2
Size: 10.4′′
Trademark: AMISMED Origin: China
HS Code: 90192000

-Microprocessor controlled, Pneumatically driven electronically controlled
-10.4″ TFT display screen for ventilation parameters
-Humidifier with temperature adjustment
-With medical air compressor, built-in backup battery up to at least 4 hours
-Applied for Adult and Pediatric

Main technical specifications:
Breathing Mode:A/C,SIPPV(VCV),IPPV
Tidal Volume: Adjustable range: 20~1500ml   ;   Display range: 0~2000ml
I/E Ratio: 4:1 ~ 1:4
Respiration Frequency : 1~99 bpm
IMV Frequency : 1~20 bpm
Lung compliance: ≤30 mL / kPa
Maximum Minute ventilation: ≥18L / min
Pressure Limited: 1.0kPa~ 6.0kPa
PEEP: 0 ~ 1.0 kPa
Ptr: -1.0kPa~1.0kPa
Max .Safe Pressure: ≤6.0 kPa
Trigger Method: Pressure Trigger, Volume Trigger
Control Method: Pressure Control,  Volume Control


Ventilation monitoring:
Tidal volume,Minute ventilation,Frequency, Airway Pressure,
I/E, inspiration time, PEEP, FiO2, PCV,PSV
Waveform of time-airway Pressure and so on.



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