Medical Ventilator For Patients

The medical ventilator of AMIS can provide high-performance ventilation, comprehensive monitoring, and effective treatment functions, friendly and convenient operation interface, automatic conversion of standby power when AC power is off can maintain work for not less than 1 hour, high stability. Passed CE certification, high safety, and durable performance, saving maintenance costs. This is a medical ventilator ideal for respiratory clinicians and surgeons.


Min. Order: 1 SetPort: Shanghai, China
Transport Package:
Payment Terms: T/T, Western
Union, Money Gram
Type: VentilatorKind: Surgical
Certification: CE,
Group: All
LCD Display: With
LCD Display
Source: Oxygen
Model NO.:
Anesthesia: Semi
Open Suction
Type of Operating
Light: Not
Medical Device Regulatory
Type: Gxzz1234567890
Medical Device Regulatory
Type: Type 2
Size: 10.4′′
Trademark: AMISMEDOrigin: China
HS Code: 90192000


Medical Ventilator For Patients

Prospective service and support
The AM-700B II ventilator is gas driven by medical compressed oxygen and compressed air. In the inspiratory phase, two streams of compressed gas (compressed oxygen and compressed air) flow into a high performance air-oxygen mixer to form a mix of oxygen and air with a certain pressure.
The automatic conversion for standby power while AC power outage,  keep working  not less than 1 hour

Physical specifications

Display: 10.4” LCD DisplayMode: pneumatically powered
and electrically controlled system
Trolley: Fitted with 4 nos
anti-static rubber castors;
two of which are lockable
for braking and easy
maneuverability with foot
operated brake provisions
Gas requirement: Medical
oxygen and nitrous oxide with
a pressure ranging from
safety valve: <12.5  kPaRespiratory Rate: 1 ~ 99 bpm
Oxygen Concentration:
21% ~ 100%
Maximum Minute ventilation:
≥18L / min
modes of ventilation:A/C,
Ventilator compliance:
≤30 Ml/kPa
PEEP:0 ~ 1.0 kPaPtr: -10 ~ 10 hPa
IMV frequency:1~20 bpmI/E Ratio: 4:1~1:4, Has the
inverse ratio ventilation
Tidal Volume:
Setting Range:  50~1500ML
   Display Range: 0~2000ml ;
  resolution ratio: 10ml
Inspiratory Plateau:0~1s
Maximum Safety  Pressure:
≤ 6.0kPa
Sigh: one deep breath per 80
controlled respirations, the
inspiration time is 1.5 times
of the setting point
Pressure limit range: 
1.0~ 6.0kPa
Airway pressure alarm: Audible
and visual and with yellow and
red color indicating:
Lower: 0.1 kPa ~ 6.0 kPa;  
Upper: 0 ~ 5.0  kPa
±0.2 kPa
Ventilation Volume alarm: 
≥ 18L/ MIN
Power Supply Alarm:Ac/dc power
supply are after failing to send out
alarm immediately
Alarm Time: keep >120s
Ambient temperature:
 10 ~ 40oC
Relative humidity: no higher
than 80 %
Atmospheric pressure:
860 hPa ~1060 hPa
Power requirement: 100-120 Vac,
50/60 Hz
Ambient temperature: 
-15oC ~ +50oC
Relative humidity: no higher
than 95 %
Atmospheric pressure:
 86 kPa ~ 106 kPa.


packaging box:
comply with the requirement of GB/T 15464
Between the packaging box and product, soft material with appropriate thickness provided to prevent loosening and mutual friction during transportation
Moisture protection and rain protection to ensure that product is protected from natural damage. 
Safty & Alarm
Gas source pressure: Immediate alarm; “high level alarm” indicator flickers raising an audible alarm.
Airway Pressure Alarm: The airway pressure exceeds 15hpa. The maximum delay is no longer than 17s. The “high level alarm” indicator flickers raising an audible alarm. 
Tidal Volume Alarm: Lower than 50ml, The alarm will be raised after one breathing cycle. 
Ventilation Volume Alarm: Lower: 0~12L/Min;   Up: 18L/ Min 
Battery Voltage Alarm: It alrms when the battery voltage is lower than 10.5V.
Power On Self Test: Self test before working, assure it’s working normally. 


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