Multi-Function Medical Ventilator

The new generation high-end multi-function medical ventilator of AMIS is designed to adapt to today’s high standards of medical technology. There are several breathing functions for you to choose from, and apply to wards, ICU, children, and adults in emergency situations. The combination of modularity, ease of use, mobility and advanced features allows you to perform accurate ventilation therapy based on the patient’s various complications.


Min. Order: 1 SetPort: Shanghai, China
Transport Package:
Payment Terms: T/T, Western
Union, Money Gram
Type: VentilatorKind: Surgical
Certification: CE,
Group: All
LCD Display: With
LCD Display
Source: Oxygen
Model NO.:
Anesthesia: Semi Open
Type of Operating
Light: Not
Medical Device Regulatory
Type: Gxzz1234567890
Medical Device
Regulatory Type: Type 2
Size: 5.7′′
Trademark: AMISMEDOrigin: China
HS Code: 90192000

 AM-2000B1 is a multi-functional Ventilator, it is applicable for children and adults in sickroom, ICU or of emergency. (vertical type)

With IPPV, SIPPV, SIMV, SIGH, MANUAL, PEEP And other respiratory function. High-resolution 5.7 “LCD screen shows real-time vertical pressure breathing machine – time wave Shape, flow rate – time waveform parameters. Configuration carts, arm, manual ventilator.

AM-2000B1 is a multi-functional Ventilator, it is applicable for children and adults in sickroom, ICU or of emergency.

Display mode                  High-definition 5.7″ LCD screen display
Ventilation mode               IPPV, SIPPV, SIMV, PEEP, MANUAL, SIGH
Ventilation parameters           Tidal volume         50~1500ml
Rate                 2~99bpm
SIMV rate            2~20bpm
I:E                  2:1~1:8
Inspiratory trigger pressure -1.0~2.0 kPa
PEEP                0~2.0 kPa
Pressure range        1.0~6.0 kPa
SIGH          1.5 times the inspiratory time
Parameters for ventilation monitoring  tidal volume, ventilation volume, IPPV rate, SIMV rate, total respiratory rate, I/E, peak pressure of airway, pressure – time waveform, flow rate – time waveform, PEEP, inspiratory trigger pressure
Security Alarm System
Airway pressure alarm           upper limit setting range       1.0~6.0 kPa
low limit setting range        0.4~2.0 kPa
Per-minute ventilation volume alarm    upper limit setting range       3.0~30L/min
low limit setting range        1.0~10L/min
Sustained high-pressure alarm     it will give alarm when stress have consistently
been higher than 2.5 kPa
Suffocation alarm               it will give sound and light alarm if there is no
tidal volume input for 15 seconds
Power alarm
Power                          AC 220V±10%     50Hz±1Hz
                               UPS, Storage battery
Mechanical Arms    


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