Frequantly Asked Qestions

For any questions you have, AMIS promises to respond within one day and solve your problem within three working days.

Our best-selling products vary according to the market. Act as a good customer consultant and assistant, our professional team understands the needs of your local market and can recommend suitable products to you.

Our Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ)is generally 1 unit. However, the exception is that for certain items(e. g.wires, gloves or tubing)the MOQ may vary. Feel free to contact us to get an exact MOQ for your product.

We accept most forms of monetary payment such as bank transfer, T/T, direct transfer, LC and Western Union. Please get in touch with one of our sales managers to check if your payment option is acceptable.

Once we have confirmation of your order payment, we normally ship within 5 working days

Most of our products are CE, ISO and ROHS certified, some medical equipment also has FDA approval.

Yes, baring a few exceptions. Please check with our sales team before applying.

We offer technical, customer service&troubleshooting support for most of our products. Therefore if you have problems with any of our products, please contact us anytime and we will do our best to help.

We typically offer 12 months warranties for all our products, except some accessories which may have shorter warranty periods. For products that need to be replaced within the warranty period, AMIS will be replaced with products of the same specifications. The replaced product has the same rights as the original product but its original warranty period will not be extended. Please check with our sales managers for the specific warranty period of your product.

We do not give warranty for the following conditions:

1)System failure due to operations in compliance with our operation manual.

2) Failure or damage caused by improper and careless moving.

3)Failure or damage caused by repair, modification or disassembling at service station not authorized by AMIS.

4) System failure due to fluctuation.