Oscillating Saw

Our Surgical Oscillating Saw with new generation powerful motor, quickly cutting.Apply to the joint operation, high-speed drilling, fast and safe loading and unloading blades. Ergonomically designed grip, it avoids hand fatigue when using the product.Extended battery life.Speed Control with Trigger.Excellent service life.Autoclavable.


handpiece working voltage 14.4V
output power 20W above
unit rise in temperature less than 30 degree celcius
Charger input voltage 110V/220V, 50-60Hz
output power 14.4V,900mA
input power 30VA
Battery voltage 14.4V
Fully Charged about 3 hours
Lead Time 30-50 Min
Saw frequency 0-18000rpm
non-load noise less than 75dB
Temp. Rise ≤25°C (5 Min)


Orthopedic electric saw is designed for joint surgery to provide fast, precise cutting operations. Comfortable ergonomics for precise control without damaging soft tissue. Made from high-quality materials, it is light in weight, optimally balanced, and reduces arm fatigue. Variable speed trigger for blades of all sizes. Compact, low noise, imported motor, durable.

Below is the main advantages:

  1. Be autoclavable 120 °C-135 °C for sterilization (except batteries).
  2. Durable use of batteries.
  3. Two years quality guarantee.
  4. Advanced and durable of motor.


Strong Host Power Orthopedic Electric Oscillating  Surgical Instruments Saw is popular used for joint replacement surgery, contains below parts:

Two batteries

One battery charger

Five saw blades

Two chunks for sterilizing

One sagittal saw

One outer aluminium box